Hi, I'm Brenda Dupont.

My journey in visual storytelling has taken me from capturing the world through a camera lens as a child, to shining under the bright lights of national television with ABC, NBC, and ESPN as both an on-air talent and executive producer. Winning a New York State Emmy and a Women’s Sports Journalism award were not just career highlights; they are a testament to my lifelong commitment to crafting compelling stories.

Today, I pour this passion into photography and videography, specializing in portraits that reveal the essence of who you are, whether it's for an application to a dream school, or capturing life's significant moments. My approach? Making you feel at ease, allowing your true self to shine through. It's about crafting images that make you pause and say, "Wow, that really captures me; that's how I envision myself, that's who I really am." From the grand stages of sports broadcasting to the intimate moments in your family's life, I bring the same dedication to capturing your story as I did during every broadcast. Together, let's turn your moments into memories that stand the test of time.

Brenda Dupont is the owner of Dupont Media World, a professional multi-media entity that serves Metro Boston, MA,

Let's work together!

Princeton University softball players celebrate a grand slam home run while the player crosses the plate to win the game
My specialities

– Corporate & Non-profit
– Secondary school admissions
– College admissions
– Theater
– School events
– Family events
– Sports & athletics
– Senior portraits
– Weddings & engagements
– Children and newborns


What is your pricing structure?

You'll find my pricing structure to be reasonable and reflective of the quality and dedication I bring to every shoot. Given the range of photography services I offer, from portrait photography to event videography, I encourage you to contact me directly with the specifics of your needs. This way, we can collaborate to tailor a pricing plan that suits your vision and budget perfectly.

How far in advance should I schedule?

I always strive to accommodate my clients' needs to the best of my availability, and ideally, scheduling 2-3 weeks in advance allows me to ensure the highest level of service for your session. However, I understand how unpredictable life can be, and I value the opportunity to work with you. If you find yourself in need of a last-minute session, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'll do everything I can to fit you into my schedule, because working closely with my clients and understanding their busy lives is incredibly important to me.

How should I prepare for my photo?

To prepare for your photo session, I highly recommend using Pinterest to create a board of images that resonate with you. This is a fantastic way for you to explore and refine your visual preferences, and it provides me with valuable insight into your style and what you're envisioning for your photos. If you choose to create a Pinterest board, sharing it with me one week before your session would be incredibly helpful. This collaboration ensures we're perfectly aligned for your photo shoot, aiming for results that truly reflect your desires.

What should I wear to the session?

For your photo shoot, I recommend bringing along three tops that vary in style, color, and neckline. This diversity helps us find the perfect look that not only feels like 'you' but also photographs beautifully. It's fascinating to see the difference between how the camera captures you and your own perception, and many clients are pleasantly surprised by the results! To keep your photos looking timeless, it's best to avoid clothing with logos, busy stripes, or patterns. Opting for simple and classic pieces will ensure your photographs remain enduringly elegant.

What is the turnaround time?

For portrait sessions, you can typically expect to receive your photos within two weeks. I understand that sometimes you may need your images more urgently, and I'm more than willing to discuss how we can accommodate your timeline. For other types of photography or videography services, the turnaround time can vary, so I encourage reaching out directly. This way, we can discuss your specific needs and set a timeline that works best for both of us.

How do you handle post-processing?

In post-processing, I collaborate closely with my clients to bring their vision to life, tailoring edits to suit their desires. With expertise in advanced post-processing techniques, including generative AI, I balance technical skill with a deep appreciation for authenticity in every image. Let's communicate openly about your preferences to ensure your photos perfectly capture the essence of your moment.

Will I receive digital or physical images?

You have the choice between digital and physical images, or even a combination of both. We'll incorporate your preference into the pricing structure, ensuring you receive your memories in the format that best suits your needs.

Can I order prints from you?

Yes, you can order prints directly through me via this website. I highly recommend ordering prints from my service to ensure the highest quality and longevity of your photographs. The quality of the printing service significantly impacts the photo's appearance and durability, and I take great care to offer the best possible quality at the most reasonable price that I can offer. If you're considering prints, please reach out so we can discuss the options. I believe strongly in the value of high-quality prints to complement my work and preserve your memories.